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Island Tribe 32.0

Complete various missions in order to restore the former glory of the village
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Computer games are a very convenient way to spend some of your free time, or keep your children occupied. Island Tribe puts you in the middle of a fantasy island where your goal is to help the natives restore the former glory of their village.

From my perspective, the story line of the game is a bit vague and at points a bit too complicated. The main plot is that a volcano erupted and menaces to take out the entire island when the natives rescue a mysterious stranger which in return shows them the way to a magical wishing well. So, now the volcano is dormant once again, but everything was destroyed, leaving you with a lot of work to rebuild the village.

The game play is based on speed and coordination. You have to gather resources and repair various structures (bridges, mills, totems etc.) as fast as possible. The idea is that the little villager, which you control, can only do so much in one trip, so you need to know how to plan your tasks.

Although Island Tribe may not have the best graphics you will ever see, the game itself is pretty nice and can really captivate you. I especially liked the fact that it offers 4 different ways of playing (difficulty levels), so every type of user can enjoy it in their own way. Furthermore, it offers a lot of tips in the first missions, thus ensuring that you can quickly figure out exactly what you have to do and how to do it.

As a general conclusion, Island Tribe is a game which I enjoyed and that I recommend. I only played the one hour trial so I don't know how long it takes to fully complete it, but if it can keep you occupied for long enough, then it is surely worth its price.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It offers lots of handy tips which help you improve your game play
  • It provides four different modes (difficulty levels) so that each type player can enjoy the game


  • You might quickly lose interest in the story line
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